About us

PaperToStone is revamping the home improvement industry in India. Traditionally families have spent lot of time and energy for the construction and renovation of their homes, mainly because of fragmentation and lack of standardization in the industry. Researching about a contractor's quality and finding the best solution is very cumbersome and often results in an inefficient output.

We at PaperToStone are providing a platform which solves all these problems and enabling our customers build their dream home. We work only with professionals who are in the top 10% in a city, have the best work ethics, and have most transparent processes. We understand that any home related project is closest to the customer's heart and we don't like to make any compromise there.

Our platform enables consumer to research for best solutions, budget and designs available in Indian market. Our in-house industry experts and customer care provide extensive support to help understand processes and find the best way to build your dream home.

Our Vision

Provide a complete, hassle free, and transparent solution for home improvement services in India.

Our Mission

Make home improvement journey an exciting one for everyone to look forward to.

We do all these and more to ensure your project is a success:

  • Onboarding and certifying the best professionals in your city
  • Certifying the best home pros in your area
  • Background checking professionals so you can feel safe
  • Matching the most relevant professionals for your project
  • Researching, negotiating and standardizing prices for hundreds of project types
  • Managing and scheduling all the meetings to ensure the fastest hiring process

Our Team

PaperToStone is based in Bangalore and was founded in 2014 by a group of passionate entrepreneurs. With combined experience of 25+ years, team members have gained significant expertise in technology and product and are passionate to use their learnings in providing a tech-enabled solution for age-old industry of construction.

For press inquiries, contact the team at contact@papertostone.com. To apply to become a verified professional, please fill out this form.