Hand Care for Guitarists

Playing guitar is the most common and well-liked way to enjoy music. The instrument is popular as it is used in recording rock music. Moreover it is versatile to play several forms of music and songs suiting different occasions and can be moved easily. However, it is must for guitarists taking care of fingers, hands and their nails even.

Take Care Of Your Fingers, Hands And Nails Guitarists


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Guitar playing is somewhat based on practice, musical ability and dedication of course. Above all, their fingers must be agile and handy in order to change the chord in rhythm or even for solo performances. Even the fingers need to be hardy to force down the strings through quick chord changes to listen to clear tones.

Guitarists will notice the change in their fingers as beginners and present day. At the start, they might have felt the pain when pressing the strings firmly while playing fret board specifically the fingers except thumb resulting in blisters. This is because human beings have soft fingertips with thin skin shielding those. Such blisters usually dry up when a guitarist continues practising and relieve him/her from the feel of pain as well.

One of the great ways to improve dexterity of fingertips is practising chords as well as scales on guitar. This will assist the novice to be acquainted with variant musical configuration and chord progressions pertaining to the fret board to be an expert player. Another good way is exercising like an athlete that will strengthen your fingers and improve flexibility. These are some effective ways to help guitarists taking care of fingers.


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Other than guitarists taking care of fingers should concentrate on their hands as well to avoid problems later. When playing guitar, it is just about the hands as they connect music to ears and soul. Now, the question is how you can care for your hands. Make sure that you don’t get cuts while working on the garden or busy in some other work. It is advised to wear gloves for the same.

If your hands tend to crack during winter then it is must to use non-greasy lotion before going to bed. You can wash off your hands properly using soap before you play guitar. Some other hand care tips are eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, exercising, maintaining good posture and avoiding drinking coffee in large amounts.


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Fingernails are another thing guitarists should take care of. Length, surface and shape of your nails have direct impact on guitar playing. So, consider the criterions:

Length of your nails:

First of all, check the length of your nails as they should be (1-2) mm past your fingertips.

Shape of your nails:

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Use a nail filer and calmly draw the file forth and back which will give your nail a normal shape. Now, you can use emery paper depending on the weakness and hardness of your nails. Then polish them and you are done.

Rub lemon juice all around your nails every evening during the 1st month, use paraffin in similar way the next month followed by olive oil the third month. Use lemon juice the fourth month again.

With these procedures, guitarists can well maintain their fingers, hands and nails for better playing.

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