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PaperToStone is India's one-stop solution to Home Improvement problems. PaperToStone helps customers in multiple fronts in this domain. PaperToStone offers trusted and quality contractor services for people with Construction, Renovation, Interior Design and Architectural needs. PaperToStone also hosts a library of Photos, Designs, Floor Plans and Inspirations in the Photos section enabling both customers and professionals browse through thousands of real-life examples to gather inspiration for their projects.

The Home Improvement domain can be classified in several ways but broadly into 3 main categories:

For a project to be executed, one will require expert assistance in one or more of the above categories. Having some basic knowledge about these domains will help one understand and associate with his project better. This will make the experience of executing the project to the right expectations a more meaningful one.

PaperToStone Wiki concentrates in giving users a level of understanding on each aspect of the project and the information one needs to know about each step involved in the execution of a project in any of the above mentioned subdomains.

Construction and Renovation
Construction & Renovation

Construction is a process of establishing or creating infrastructure. Based on the need to create the infrastructure, construction can be further classified as Residential Construction, Industrial Construction, Commercial Construction etc. Done in 4 broad stages viz. Planning and Finance, Design, Execution and Finish, construction across all sectors is one of the prime industries in the world. Renovation refers to the refurbishment of existing infrastructure due to any reason such as change in objective, change in style, change in ambience etc.

Interior Designing and Decor
Interior Designing & Decor

Interior Design is the science or process of creating ambient interiors of a space. An Interior Designer deeply understands the space, it's dimensions and the customer's intent to derive the best utilization of the space, right ambience to set etc. including sound levels, lighting, ventilation etc. An interior designer may or may not be the executioner to bring the design to reality. Specific personnel have the capacity to execute the design and bring them to life.

Architecture and Planning
Architecture & Planning

Architecture is the science of planning the construction of any space or infrastructure. It involves both the process planning of construction as well as the product planning of construction.
An Architect is a specialist in the domain of architecture who plans, designs and optionally oversees the construction of a structure. Architects in India also take care of the approvals needed from the Government Authorities required to execute the construction and establishment of construction.

This section is majorly concerning the miscellaneous details one needs to know about the home improvement domain such as material specifications, brands etc.



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